3 Months after Cataract surgery and still having trouble focusing



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Cataract Eye Surgery

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Do you use any eye drops?




By Sandy

(Houston, Texas)

I had cataract surgery in my left eye on 11/19/13. After surgery I was told that the AcrySof IQ model SN60WF was implanted. My doctor set my vision @ 20/30.

2 weeks after surgery my vision had changed to 20/80. My vision is alternately clear then cloudy thoughout the day. I am an artist and I work with animals. Clear vision is critical to me.

Will my eye eventually heal and give me consistently clear vision? This morning I woke-up and couldn't see out of my eye to read it was so blurry.

Also, at night I see starbursts when I am outdoors and look at a street light or headlights on cars. Please, help.

Should I go back to my doctor?



Thanks for your question



You have to go back to your eye doctor and explain everything to him. What you have is unusual thing and there must be an explanation to that. Let him examine for dry eyes, intraocular pressure and your retina.

After cataract eye surgery, it is normal to not be able to focus on near objects unless multifocal intraocular lens is implanted. In this case you have to use reading glasses.