Complicated cataract surgery without intraocular lens implantation



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My 80 year old mother just underwent cataract surgery this morning. She was in theater (fully awake)for over an hour. She was aware that the procedure was not going well.

They were unable to attach a lens and she has been sent home without a lens and a patch until tomorrow morning. The eye was also stitched.

The cataract was thick but what could have gone so wrong and is it possible to insert a lens at a later stage?

Please help. She is extremely distressed.




Thanks for your question.



One of the most common complications that can occur during cataract surgery especially when the cataract is thick and mature, is rupture of the posterior capsule or the back surface of the bag which surround the cataract.

The intraocular lens (IOL) in this case can be inserted either in the bag (in case the rupture is small) or in the sulcus which is the space between the bag and the back of the iris or it can be inserted in anterior chamber.

Sulcus insertion needs a different power of the IOL. Anterior chamber insertion needs a different power and type of IOL. Some doctors will insert the IOL at the time of the surgery and some of them will insert the IOL after few days or week.

Other intra-operative complications that can occur with rupture posterior capsule are retinal detachment or drop of parts of the cataract to the posterior part of the eye. In both of these situations, a retinal surgeon should be involved in the treatment.

Double check with your doctor about the events that happened during the operation and the reason why IOL was not inserted during the surgery, maybe there was no complication at all. You should also ask your doctor about his future plans for your mother.

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