Right eye poor vision after cataract eye surgery



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Did you perform any surgery for the eyes?


Do you suffer from pre-existing illnesses in the eye?
Do you suffer from any diseases in the body?
Do you use any eye drops?

Tobradex, muro 128

Do you use any eye drops?



I would like to know if you could help correct vision in my father's right eye. He has had cataract surgery in both eyes, with the left eye surgery going well and the right eye not so much.

He is fine with his left eye, but had cataract surgery twice in the right eye. After the first time he could not see well, always complaining of blurred vision or next to no vision.

He then underwent another surgery to remove that new toric lens and it was replaced with the lower end (free) lens in the right eye. There was also a small incision in eye either due to unable to remove the first lens or due to replacing that second lens.

That second right eye cataract lens replacement took place in April 2018 and he still is unable to see. He has had blood in the back of the eye which is 98% gone, and now we have been told that he has a hazy cornea and a swollen cornea.

He is taking Muro 128 (i believe that is what it is called) for the swelling and Tobradex (still).

Any advice will be appreciated.





Thanks for your Question

What was the cause of hemorrhage in the back of the eye. This can cause poor vision by itself, even of 98% of it is gone, it can still affect vision

I think the main cause of poor vision is corneal edema. Muro 128 5% is hypertonic sodium chloride ophthalmic solution that is used to pull the water out from the cornea and it helps to reduce corneal edema. Corneal edema is a common complication after cataract eye surgery and usually it subsides gradually after 2-3 weeks but sometimes and for other causes it can take longer than that. Other causes such as trauma to cornea during surgery, fuchs corneal dystrophy, glaucoma and so on

Why did they remove the first lens in the first place and did they replace it with anterior chamber intraocular lens because anterior chamber lens can cause corneal edema. 

It has been more than 4 month so you have to discuss that with your eye doctor about the cause of this corneal edema and according to the cause we can select the best treatment way