Sentinel Bright red conjunctival blood vessel



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I suddenly have a bright red blood vessel in my eye.  There is slightly increased discharge. Will this go away?




Thanks for your Question

There are many causes that lead to pink eye with discharge such as dryness, allergic conjunctivitis, bacterial and viral infection, foreign body or contact lenses related problems.

The first thing you should do is to not wearing your contact lens till your eye is healed. Try to use non preservative lubricant eye drops. In case you feel pain, blurred vision, increase in redness or more discharge.

From the image you attached in this question, there is bright red blood vessels which surround a white mass near the cornea .This white mass is called pterygium which when inflamed can cause adjacent blood vessels to be prominent and swollen and also can cause excessive eye discharge. Mild anti-inflammatory eye drops and lubrications can be very helpful to treat it.

You also have iris discoloration which might be iris nevus or iris melanocytoma. Bright red conjucntival blood vessel that associated with iris discoloration may raise suspicions about a mass behind the iris. I would recommend to ask your eye doctor regarding this issue.



Sentinel Bright red conjunctival blood vessel