The Importance of Contact lens diameter



Submitted by adaml_ on Sat, 08/31/2019 - 22:25
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Base curve: 8.6

Diameter: 14.1





I wear contact lenses with a Diameter of 14.1, however it is really difficult to find contact lenses in this size, most lenses come in a diameter of 14.0 or above skipping 14.1.

Am I able to wear other contact lenses in a different diameter size without damaging my eyes?

I had my eyes measured before I began wearing contact lenses and it’s hard to find a good value when your only limited to one brand that does a 14.1 mm Diameter and 8.6 BC.




Thanks for your Question

The diameter of contact lens is in millimeters and it means the distance between one edge of the contact lens to the opposite edge.It’s very important because it shows in which part of your eye the edges of the contact lens will rest. If the diameter is wrong, too small or too large  it wont be stable on your eye and move around too much or it can be too tight and cause eye irritation and corneal abrasions.

Generally speaking When the diameter of the lens is changed, a change in base curve of 0.2 mm is required to maintain a good fitting and stability.

I would recommend you visit an optometrist to remeasure these parameters and choose what fit your eye the best.