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i went today to optometrist and got tested for eye sight.I knew i had refractive errors in my eyes because i was struggling to see things that were far but i never had problems with things that were closer. I wanted to directly go for contact lenses as i never liked glasses, the result showed that i had -5.0 D in my both eyes.

After the test the optometrist said that i am qualified for the contact lenses and he fitted me with trial contact lenses. I was able to see far objects very very clearly but i noticed that objects or anything near me were very blurry.

He said that because the power in my both eyes is - 5.0 D which is high is the reason i was not able to see near objects.He said i must go for some kind of multifocal or bifocal contact lenses but he said which are not yet invented.He said the only option is that i must go for glasses but when i check the internet i saw that many contact lenses are available for multifocals or bifocals..

Please i need some advice or help.





Thanks for your Question

First of all, you are still young to wear multifocal contact lenses and there are many measures to be done before that.

You had never used glasses before so most likely -5.0 D is not the true refractive power of your eyes. Your eye should be dilated with cycloplegic eye drop in order to relax your eyes and your optometrist can run some tests after that to find the true refractive error.

Another important test is eye convergence and the movements of the muscles of the eyes. Sometimes problems in eye convergence can cause reading difficulties.

You have to wear contact lenses for few days for your eyes to get used of them.