Epithelial wound after PRK



Submitted by wrz1994 on Mon, 03/30/2020 - 21:30
Did you perform any surgery for the eyes?

Photo-refractive keratectomy

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Do you use any eye drops?

Optive fusion lubricant eye drops 

Do you use any eye drops?




Hello Doctor,

around 2 months ago I had the PRK correction eye surgery done, and all went well and my epithelial cells regenerated just fine, however, 3 days ago i woke up with a strong burning sensation in my right eye and I went to get it checked out at the hospital and they said that my epithelial layer has been torn but not a major tear.

I did not have any BCL applied as they suggested it could cause an infection since I was not using an antibiotic however if I stuck to using lubricant eye drops more it would help with the healing process.

Approaching the 4th day now my eye is feeling alot like normal, its no longer red and my eyelids are not puffy or droopy, and I have been wearing the safety glasses I was prescribed after my PRK.

Would you recommend I continue wearing them while I sleep or can I get rid of them now ? I would honestly go to a hospital to get it fully checked out again but due to the lockdown and the covid19 pandemic it is too hard.

Your prompt reply is appreciated.





Thanks for your Question

I recommend to wear them while sleeping for few more days just to be sure that the epithelial wound is complete healed and the epithelial layer is attached well to the underlying stromal layer.

Try to use Vitamin C supplements, They are very important to tighten the bonds between the epithelial cell layer and the underlying stromal layer and reduce the risk of recurrent epithelial erosion in the future.

Recurrent epithelial erosion is common after PRK especially in the first 2-3 month.