Higher-order aberrations from nowhere!



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Did you perform any surgery for the eyes?
Do you suffer from pre-existing illnesses in the eye?
Do you suffer from any diseases in the body?
Do you use any eye drops?
Do you wear Contact lenses or Eyeglasses?

I have some myopia and astigmatism.




Hello Guys, 

I'm 25
Right eye sph -0.50, cyl -2.25
Left eye sph -0.25, cyl -1.50 
I never had any eye surgery. Two weeks ago I got tested with an Aberrometer and the doctor (who is known to be a very good eye doctor) said I have too much higher-order aberrations in both eyes.

1- The first issue is that I started wearing glasses 5 years ago I can't see close stuff with my glasses on, which is very irritating because for instance I can't check my phone for a msg or making a call without taking it off, same goes with studying with books or on a laptop screen.

Some doctors advised to force myself to wear it and I will get used to it and thing will get clearer, but that failed. The last well-known doctor I visited said that it's common between those who have low myopia and high astigmatism. I wonder if anyone has these symptoms and could treat it in any way.

2- The second issue is that I remember the last lunar eclipse on 27/7/2018 I saw a big clear blood moon next to a clear (just one point) small Mars and all okay so far. on 10/8/2018 I got my eyes tested while I got myself medically checked for military conscription, and the eye doctor used a kind of Atropine drops to make the eye relaxed and examine it.

It's known that it has temporal side effects like sensitivity to light and seeing halos and glare, these effects supposed to go away after one or 2 hours or at worst after a day, but with me it never did and I kept to still seeing it even after a month.



In addition on 5/9/2018, I forced to put it again for another check and on that day it got worse and the halos and glare started to grow and got bigger and these effects didn't ever go, on 1/11/2019 I went to that well-know doctor and he didn't believe that reasoning telling that these effects have to go and put again a similar drops but with lower concentration to check for problems and for cataract but he didn't find any Cataract.

Again the halos thing got worse. As I said he couldn't believe that the reason for these effects is the drops and said it's most probably because you have higher-order aberrations and need to be tested with wavefront aberrometer. and I did it as I said in the first paragraph.

What the doctor said, in conclusion, is we will try some solution which is to put Systane drops for dry eye and to put Alphanova drops to lower the pressure of the eye which may slightly constrict your pupil and help reduce glare and halos at night time when my pupil naturally dilates.

He told me to try them for a month 3 times a day and see if anything happens after that. He also said that another solution is to do wavefront-guided (custom) laser surgery but most probably my close up vision will still a problem and I will not be able to see close stuff naturally! Anyways I'm against that laser thing. 

If you have anything to say share it with me.




Thanks for your Question



Reading difficulties can be due to wrong prescription power of your eyeglasses. You might need some adjustment of the refractive power to help you read.

High order aberration is common in people with astigmatism and these aberrations can cause halos and glare especially at night because the pupil is naturally dilated and more abnormal reflected lights enter the eye. Alphanova eye drops is antiglaucoma eye drops but some doctors use it for another purpose. It helps to constrict the pupil at night to reduce these aberrations.

The effect of atropine eye drops can last for 2-4 weeks and sometimes the intraocular pressure can raise and cause glare and halos. Your eye doctor should check the intraocular pressure to be sure that these halos are not caused by it.

The best way to treat high order aberrations is custom lasik eye surgery. It helped many people to reduce these annoying symptoms and you should have a second thought about it.