Odd shaped pupils



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Have odd shaped pupils both eyes.  Both pupils turned into the left corner of the eye.  Like half a pupil showing going into the corner of the eye around this in the centre where the rest of the pupil should be are black dots and markings.  Have visited an optician can't see this.  

Please do not tell me I don't know what I am talking about as this is clearly visible when looking inside the eye with a mirror.  Can't understand this and I am really depressed trying to get this through to people.  This is not imagined.  

He took some images straight on but it isn't really noticeable until you look more closely inside.  Said he would put a magnifier on the image but didn't .  If he's having to magnify the image then just how detailed is it anyway.  

Need to see proper Ophthalmologist how can I find one in my area ?  Can you tell me how to find one in my area and tell me anything else?  Am worried sick have proper depression anyway and can't get through to anyone .  This is not an over reaction.  No matter how much I want to believe it is not there it is and it is real.

Everyone is making out I don't know What I am talking about and I am not stupid.




Thanks for your Question

Most likely what you see is a reflection of your iris on the inner corneal surface and there is nothing to worry about but i know you won't be relieved until you see an ophthalmologist. You should contact your local GP in your area who can refer you to one of the ophthalmologist in NHS or you can book an appointment for  consultation with private ophthalmologist in your area. 

To find private ophthalmologist near you all you have to do it search google for "ophthalmologist near me" and i am sure you will find a plenty.

For me without image of the iris and pupil i can't help you.