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I have perfectly healthy eyes but a prominent eye vessel which really bothers me cosmetically.

My eye doctor who is a an eye surgeon with over 20 years experience says he can cauterize specifically this vessel to make it smaller/disappear.

He said he has done this a few times and has good experience with it. But I want at least 1 second opinion before I proceed, off course I'm scared but I'm considering it because I'm so self aware of it.

What do you guys think ?







Thanks for your Question

I strongly advise against this procedure. These prominent conjunctival blood vessels supply certain parts of the conjunctiva, sclera and deep eye structures with oxygen and nutrients.

Destroying these blood vessels can prevent oxygen and nutrients to reach these parts of the eye which can cause conjunctival and scleral scarring that can lead to severe dry eyes with foreign body sensation and eye irritation. 




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How can it be, that 2 schooled doctors say totally the opposite ? Mine has 20 years surgery experience by the way and hands-on experience with this procedure.

Also, as a bio-engineer myself, how can removal/heat constriction of 1 little vein (I have many others on my eye ball but you can't see them as they are under my eyelids) be a huge "supply" problem to the eye ?

Is your last sentence scientifically backed up ? Are there effectively cases you are basing yourself on ?

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The eye is very small and sensitive organ and each small little vein or artery has its important role to supply certain parts of the eye.

If you destroy this small little conjunctival vein, the part of the conjunctiva that is supplied by this vein dies and loses its functions. Read this article by the american academy of ophthalmology about the risk of cosmetic removal of these prominent vessels.

At the end this is one of the opinions and it is up to you to choose what suits you the best. BUT for me i refuse to do this procedure for my patients for cosmetic purposes.

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The link leads back to a similar question with the same answer, no cases, just an opinion. Reminds me of the eye whitening procedure that Dr. Brian Boxer Wachler performs, many opinions , the interesting thing in my case is that a month ago I took 2 long saunas with my eyes open.

The vein that bothers me was for 2 weeks almost completely gone ! Then, gradually started to dilate again, what a bummer. But shows that heat is a factor.

Thanks for your answer, I apologize for my direct style but it’s frustrating there are opposite opinions and not a simple answer

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