I see Spots in my vision



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Did you perform any surgery for the eyes?
Do you suffer from pre-existing illnesses in the eye?
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Do you use any eye drops?

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Do you use any eye drops?




Hello, I have had an ongoing issue that seems to be getting worse.

Last November I started noticing a "spot". This spot is worse in my left eye, but it is somewhat there in the right (not always though - but it's always in the left). But here's the thing: I ONLY see this spot when I tilt my head sideways. It's sort of like a small 'burst' (it's dark in color) at the bottom of my field of vision, and sometimes it only lasts for that "burst" and then disappears, other times its still faintly there.

It doesn't really block/intrude on my vision cause I can still see through and around it (it's almost like a donut with a hole in the middle) It seems to be worse when I'm in really harsh lighting, like outside or in a grocery store that has super bright lights.

This past week I have begun to see a lot of floaters in my peripheral vision, they usually are either dark or kind of bright and clear. Just a few minutes ago I stood up and had tilted my head pretty far, and when I lifted my head, I saw dozens of floaters in my vision, and I almost thought I was being surrounded by a swarm of bugs.

I'm really concerned and don't know if I need to seek immediate help or not.






Thanks for your Question

What you are experiencing is called eye floaters and most of the time these floaters are caused by a benign condition called posterior vitreous detachment. 

Patients who experienced eye floaters for the first time should visit the eye doctor as soon as possible especially if these eye floaters are increasing in number with time. There are other causes for eye floaters other than posterior vitreous detachment and should be treated without any delay such as retinal tear, retinal detachment or inflammation and bleeding inside the eye.