Is this simply a strain or retinal detachment ?



Submitted by shadcarod on Tue, 08/13/2019 - 17:49
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Do you use any eye drops?





Two days ago I was lifting an object(dolly) that had some weight on it and it felt as if I strained my eye while trying to move the object as I then felt a little “oozed” sensation that perhaps came from the straining of trying to lift something.

As the day went on my eye felt slightly heavier than the unaffected one but no symptoms of blurry vision or eye floaters,etc.

Yesterday was pretty much the same as I didn’t notice anything unusual until when I began to see an eye floater(s) in the unaffected eye but not in the eye that I felt I strained.

Today is relatively the same as yesterday with no pain,blurred vision,flashing lights but did see floaters again in the unaffected eye as I did yesterday. 

Is this common or did by chance my retina detached/tore or is this simply just a strain or something else possibly?

Thank you


Thanks for your question

Most likely when you left this heavy object you had posterior vitreous detachment which is the detachment of vitreous body inside your eye from retina. This detachment is painless and you cant feel it to it is not related to the oozed sensation that you felt.

Posterior vitreous detachment will appear as eye floaters and it is a benign condition. Sometimes the only early symptoms of retinal detachment is eye floaters so i always ask my patients who experienced eye floaters for the first time to have full eye examination just to make sure there is no retinal tears or holes that might cause retinal detachment.