Axis changes in my glass prescription



Submitted by HOTDOT on Wed, 03/18/2020 - 22:25
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I just had my yearly eye exam.

My Prescription for “Distance” glasses has a slight change, but only in my Axis numbers.

My Right eye went from 111 in 2019 to 119 in 2020.

My Left eye went from 063 in 2019 to 068 in 2020.

My Optometrist said that I do not need to get new glasses; that it was up to me.

Now, the more I think about it, I wonder why my Axis numbers changed.

I don’t understand mainly because I thought the axis numbers were just a further help in determining the Cylinder numbers (like exactly where the curvature is).

If my Sphere and Cylinder numbers did not change, why would my Axis change?

I just wonder if the Axis change is something that makes a big difference in the “health” of my eyes.

I’ve tried to find articles on-line about how much of a change in Axis numbers needs to be seen in order to make it necessary to get new glasses. I can find nothing on the subject on any web sites.

If I choose to not get new prescription glasses and continue to wear my “old” glasses will I possibly make my eyes worse ?

I’m wondering if I should order new glasses just to be safe.






Thanks for your Question

These are small axis changes that you have. Any axis changes between 5 to 10 degrees are insignificant and won't cause any visual problems.

There are alot of auto refractometers in the market and the refraction readings of these machines are not the same so if you had a reading from one machine, the other machines might give you different readings but most of the time these differences are within the acceptable range.