Blurry vision and digital eye strain



Submitted by Shinome on Wed, 06/05/2019 - 03:25
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Do you use any eye drops?





My name is Andreas, I would like to know some information about digital eye strain and if that is the cause of my blurry vision. I use the computer daily, more than 12-16 hours sometimes. I had an old monitor until now, still an LCD but  pretty much the first generation of them and now changed to a new, modern and way better monitor.

Still in the break that i made between changing screens i observed I have difficulties in focusing on small or medium size writing on banners or buildings. I have difficulties facing natural light since i pretty much "hate" the sun and don't want to have it anywhere near to my room and is making my vision really blurry like.

It's mainly a focusing issue from what i've seen since I tried even focusing on the line of indicators while walking on the street and I couldn't distinguish it properly or like I used to. Any advises and information about this is more than welcome.

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P.S.: I use a dark theme on pretty much everything on my screen (since white is way too bright sometimes) and that makes the writing be white. I figured I would mention this in case maybe this is a cause too and I need more  white in my life.



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Blurry vision can be caused by computer eye strain, dry eyes or refractive errors. Working on computer for a long time can cause eye strain or eye fatigue. There is smooth muscles inside your eye called Ciliary muscle or focusing muscle. This contracted muscle allows the eye to focus on near objects and with time and with a long working hours, this muscle will be tired and exhausted.

Eye strain and fatigue causes eye pain, blurry vision, photophobia or light sensitivity and dry eye. Working on computer for a long time can cause dry eyes. Normally, we blink 10-15 times per minute. People tend to blink less than usual when they work on computer. Try to blink frequently. Try to use preservative free lubricant eye drops to treat symptoms of dry eyes such as foreign body sensation, red eye, photophobia and burning eyes

In order to reduce eye strain, you should take break every 15-20 minutes and look away from your computer and gaze at a far objects which help to relax the ciliary muscles inside your eyes and reduce eye strain.

You have to visit your optometrist in order to have full comprehensive eye examination and to be sure you don't have any refractive errors such as astigmatism and hyperopia as these two errors can add more strain on your eyes if they are not corrected with eyeglasses.

Make sure that your LCD screen has anti refractive surface, this will also help to reduce eye strain.