My doctor insists my treatment is right



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Did you perform any surgery for the eyes?
Do you suffer from pre-existing illnesses in the eye?
Do you suffer from any diseases in the body?


Do you use any eye drops?

It’s an eye lubricant recommended by an eye doctor for excessive dryness.

Do you wear Contact lenses or Eyeglasses?

Progressives were recently recommended. 





I have trouble seeing distances, particularly out of my left eye. Until last year, both numbers assigned to that RX were negative. Last year, my eye doctor combined positive and negative number that were similar to the previous values, just with a different sign.

I literally could not see, even after weeks of trying to adjust! I went back to my old glasses. I just went in for another appointment, and she did it again. I explained what happened, but she insists it is correct. I can’t afford a second opinion and I don’t want to spend money on glasses that won’t work.

I know you can’t give a new RX, so I have two questions:



1. How uncommon are combined positive and negative numbers? I have already had my prescription questioned by a glasses company for this reason and they also asked me to confirm.

2. For distance, would all numbers usually be positive or negative?




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It is common to have positive sphere diopter with negative cylinder diopter and it is called mixed astigmatism. Before this new glasses you had one with both negative sphere and cylinder so when you changed to new positive sphere and negative cylinder glass you need time to adapt.

The only way to know the exact refractive errors of your eye is to apply dilated/cycloplegic eye drops to relax the muscles inside your eye (ciliary muscle).

After this test if you have a new glasses and still your vision is blurry, you should undergo full eye examinations and corneal color image called pentacam with analysis charts of eye optical aberrations.

Sometimes astigmatism can be associated with high order optical aberrations that are responsible for blurred vision. These high order optical aberrations can't be treated with eye glasses or contact lenses. They can be treated with wavefront custom lasik eye surgery or Contoura Lasik. You should discuss this issue with your eye doctor.

Severe dryness can affect your vision and gives inaccurate readings for the refractive errors. so you should treat it before anything else.