Problems with my new Bifocal lenses



Submitted by JenkneeB on Fri, 08/27/2021 - 20:01
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Did you perform any surgery for the eyes?
Do you suffer from pre-existing illnesses in the eye?
Do you suffer from any diseases in the body?

I have anxiety and depression and was diagnosed with pre-diabetes but am almost out of that range now.

Do you use any eye drops?

I occasionally use eye drops when my eyes feel dry or mattery.

Do you wear Contact lenses or Eyeglasses?

I wear bifocals.  My question is going to be about needing to look through the bottom of my current bifocals to see clearer on a computer screen.  I recently got a prescription for computer bifocals but they are very blurry in one eye and I'm wondering if the doctor made a mistake.






I got a new prescription from a Walmart Vision Center two weeks ago, because I was finding that I was needing to look through the bottom portion of my bifocals while doing work on the computer.  This was causing neck strain.

I went to talk about getting progressives but the eye doctor recommended getting computer bifocals instead.

My current glasses are fine for distance viewing and reading so I went with his suggestion and ordered some computer bifocals from Zenni.  When I received the glasses yesterday, I found that I could not see clearly out of the right lens.  The left lens works great.  

To note though...the eye doctor was never able to get the right eye to see clearly during the exam and just had me pick the least blurry of the choices on the eye machine (name?).  

He said that I was beginning to get cataracts in the right eye and that must be causing the big difference in prescription strengths in the two eyes.



My current bifocals from 2018 are SPH -2.50 and CYL -1.00 and axis 177.  The new prescription for the computer bifocals are at SPH -0.25 and CYL -1.25 and axis 106.  The new prescription for the regular bifocals would be SPH -1.00 and CYL -1.25 and axis 106.  The NV-ADD for all is 1.00.  The left eye stays almost exactly the same in all prescriptions.

I returned to him within a few hours of getting the glasses and they tested them and said they were exactly correct for the prescription so it doesn't seem like Zenni messed up.  He re-did the prescription and said that it was the same as two weeks ago, except that I chose one "click" higher prescription on the right than two weeks ago.



He again said that it must be the cataract throwing off the vision.  I just don't understand how I can see "well enough" out of my current bifocals top portion and see it clearly through the reader part (+1) on my current bifocals yet the cataract supposedly makes it too blurry to see clearly out of the new computer glasses in either area?  Is it just that my eye(s) are used to the old glasses, the cataract -- even though it's just beginning-- is throwing the prescription off that bad, or did he or Zenni mess up?

I've thought about getting a "second opinion" prescription but I'm not made of money. I've been trying to use the new computer bifocals while working on the computer with my child for virtual schooling, but it's very distracting with the blurry/double vision that occurs and gives me a little headache as well as being worried about it messing up my vision if he did mess up. 

I could probably just continue using my current bifocals, but I get neck aches from tilting my head to read out the bottoms and I'm already out the money for the glasses and the exam from two weeks ago.  Help!!!





Thanks for your Question

You are right to think about having a second opinion just to be sure the prescription is correct but before that you have to find out the cause of blurry vision in the right eye, is it caused by cataract or wrong prescription or something else.

There are many types of cataract and one of them can cause only blurry vision for near tasks such as reading from a book or computer screen.

I would recommend to use your old bifocals until to find out the cause of blurry vision