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I had a bump on my left eye, it was swollen for more than a week. It was itching and so red, so in my university clinic, they prescribed me some antibiotic and ointment. While having that bump, my vision used to be blurred and even after getting my eye back to normal, my vision was still blurred.



Do you suffer from any diseases in the body?
Do you use any eye drops?

I used to take some eye drops to treat that bump I had on my left eye. After visiting the doctor for my blurry vision, he prescribed me eye drops for my left eye, but he didn't state the reason.  

Do you use any eye drops?





After checking with an eye specialist, he found out that I have astigmatism in both eyes: -1.5 in the left eye and -0.5 in the right eye, also a short sight of +1.25 in the left eye. He prescribed me eye drops for two weeks.

Today, I had an appointment and it turned out that my left eye now has an astigmatism of -1 and the right one is still -0.5, while the short sight of left eye is +0.75 now. 

He didn't state the reason of this change, but as I know astigmatism can't go away alone. He also said that I don't need glasses and that my vision will be better and back to normal after a month. 

May you please let me know what I can do in this case?




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Most likely the astigmatism in your left eye is caused by the bump on your eyelid as it presses on your eye and changes the shape of the cornea. Any change to the shape of cornea can cause astigmatism.

Another cause of mild astigmatism is dry eye so regular usage of lubricant eye drops is very important.

There are many causes of bump on eyelids such as stye and chalazion. There is a difference in the treatment of each one and as one is treated withe antibiotics and the other is treated by surgical removal.



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Thank you for your answer!

I just wanna ask you if the astigmatism will go away by its own as I don't have the bump anymore on the left eye? Or do I need to put on glasses for that?

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If there is no more bump on your eyelid means that the astigmatism most likely won't go by itself and you should wear eyeglasses.

You also can use Lubricant eye drops which might help to reduce astigmatism. Use it for few weeks.

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