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Do you use any eye drops?





My wife has been suffering from eyelid swelling. Most time it happens at night when she lays down, in the morning her eyelids are swollen. This has been going on for last 3 months.

She has been to a local eye doctor 3 times so far and they said he eye and blood vessels and inside of eye is fine. She even had a CT scan done, only thing they found was a sinus infection, but that has gone away.

Her blood test came out normal, now we know she is allergic to the outside. She is allergic to cats, so we got rid of the cat.  

She has very dry eyes, we even use the lubricant drops but she still has dry eyes. Today we went outside in a walk through a park through trees in the woods, when she came home her one eyelid had bumps and was purple and swollen.

Is there a way to see if her tear ducts are clogged, the optometrist said they were not. She also has pain when it swells. This has been going on for the last 3 months. Its so hard to find an answer to this issue. Even when she takes benadryl at night its still swollen in the morning.

We just need answer to this issue.





Thanks for your Question

You have to know that one of the side effects of benadryl is dry eyes so i wouldn't recommend to use it for long term.

Excessive tearing is one symptom of tear duct obstruction also eyelid swelling, pain around the eye can be caused by that.

There are many causes of puffy eyelid in the morning such as allergies to bed sheets, sleeping positions, and nasal blockage. For more information please read this article about causes of puffy eyelid.

Can you please confirm if both eyes or just one eye is swelling as this will narrow down the causes