Solution to my puffy eyelid in morning?



Submitted by Rachel on Thu, 09/26/2019 - 15:30
United States
Did you perform any surgery for the eyes?
Do you suffer from pre-existing illnesses in the eye?
Do you suffer from any diseases in the body?
Do you use any eye drops?

I have had dry eye, and took eye drops, but that stopped, now my eyes get puffy, so I use multi symptom eye drops.

Do you wear Contact lenses or Eyeglasses?

I have glasses and contacts. But I haven't worn my contacts in a while.





My eye lids have been getting puffy, the top lids when I wake up in the morning. I went to a doctor and they couldn't figure out what was wrong and gave me eye cream for eyelash dandriff, but that didn't help at all.

And it's been over a month. I wake up and its enlarged. Not a great amount, but noticeable.




Thanks for your Question

Most of the causes of puffy eyelid early in the morning are not related the eye. Eye puffiness that is caused by eye condition usually present through the whole day and associated with other symptoms such as eyelid bump, eye itching, redness or discharge.

You have to look for allergic conditions in your nose, sinus or respiratory system in general. Sometimes infection of the sinus also can cause that. Your sleep habits also can cause puffiness, If you sleep well at night, your sleep position if you sleep on your face.

Foods that have high sodium can cause fluid retention and eye puffiness. Also associated medical conditions such as thyroid diseases, renal diseases and so on.

You have to address all of these issues and causes and then start the treatment according to that.

Sometimes all you need is good night sleep, change in your diet and add some physical activities to your lifestyle.