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Do you use any eye drops?





When I recently was examined, and spoke to my ophthalmologist (eye doc; MD) about me wanting to dropping a drop of raw honey into one eye, to decrease my congenital cataracts (I'm 67), he said he has heard of anecdotal reports of raw honey dropped into eyes, for cataracts, but he didn't know of any medical literature dealing with dropping a little honey into eyes to dissolve cataracts.

Interestingly: My ophthalmologist said he had NO OBJECTIONS to me trying this.

So, I've been dropping one drop of raw unfiltered (organic) honey into just my left (worse) eye, just before bedtime.

I just started this a couple of days ago, and there's just been a little temporary stinging, and then copious tears produced. I'm not feeling any adverse effects.

What do you know, dear Eye Doc (or what have you read) about this interesting folk remedy (raw honey eye drops) for treating cataracts?



Have you seen any clinical studies (or do the pharmaceutical eye drop companies not want to lose profits to honey producers)?

Thank you, in advance!





Thanks for your Question

There is no enough data from official clinical studies to support that using honey as an eye drop, has any advantages for patients with cataract.

Raw Honey as a meal has many healthy benefits for your body and also for your eyes but honey eye drops, i am not sure if it cause any good or any harm.

My advice is not use any thing unless there is enough data from clinical studies.



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I am very interested in using honey drops in my left eye which has developed a cataract. I have read some remedies that suggest full strength honey (this does sting, I have tried it) mixing 1 part honey to 10 parts pure water and a potion of honey, water and cider vinegar.

In other certain conditions "Healthy Eyes" can be achieved with healing honey

I am very willing to experiment in the hopes of avoiding surgery down the line and curing the cataract.



Thanks for any advice or suggestions you may have.

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By Carol

An old timey holistic book, "How to Get Well" by Paavo Airola, PhD (a naturopath), from 1974, said, on p. 161, that for cataracts, "...A drop of liquid honey in corner of eye at night" would be helpful.

Yes, it does sting, but only for a while.

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By Mary Ann



I've read about speculative causes of cataracts: dry eyes, bacterial or viral infection, injury, age associated free radical damage and difficulty assimilating calcium.

My ophthalmologist said my cataracts are behind the lens - gives me double vision. I am able to see OK for now. Some cataracts are on the front of the lens and make vision foggy like seeing everything through a glass of dirty water.

I am using organic raw honey (two drops to one of organic lemon - the acidity helps to permeate the barrier that protects the eye) in my eyes twice a day to help dissolve my cataracts. Yes, it stings like crazy for a few minutes and at times it feels like a sharp stick in my eye.

I have been putting the honey/lemon in an eye dropper, with my finger over the open end and holding it in warm water (not over 120 degrees) until it becomes thinner and doesn't have to melt in my eye. Lessens the sting time. Have been doing this for a month.



The honey was recommended to me by my Herb Specialist lady whose mother had success with it many years ago. She couldn't remember how long it took to work on the cataracts or the exact ratio of honey to lemon so I am full of questions.

I keep in mind that every body is different as well as possible cause of this condition. One doctor wrote, "Cataracts that are very progressed are difficult to reverse.

In addition to my daily organic vitamin and herb supplements I've also added herbs and herb combinations (all Nature's Sunshine Products Spanish Fork, Utah) to help: Super ORAC (increase my antioxidants), increased my Citrus Bioflavanoids (vit C), Capsicum (for circulation), Herbal CA (enhances calcium absorption), EW (Eye Wash combination - use as an eye wash too if not irritating) and Perfect Eyes (combination with eyebright and bilberry fruit).




Recipe for Raw Honey,Eyebright Herb, Water for Cataracts.
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