Pigment dispersion syndrome



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Pigment dispersion syndrome

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Do you use any eye drops?





I have pigment dispersion syndrome, originally I was on Eye pressure drops but had to stop them for a week. Doctor has told me that my intraocular pressure has stabilized and remained low.

I've not been on them for two months and my pressure is 19. Doctor told me I may never use eye drops again and there is a new process with eye drops for PDS now and that people may have been taking them for 60 years without needing them.

Is this correct or should I be on my eye drops ? If it is right how is my eye presure monitored ?




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Pigment dispersion syndrome is a risk factor for Glaucoma so regular follow up with your eye doctor is very important.

Multiple tests should be run to make sure that 19 mmHg is not under-estimated measurement for your intraocular pressure and it doesn't cause any damage to your optic nerve. 

Corneal thickness is very important for accurate measurement of intraocular pressure. Measurement of intraocular pressure is under-estimated with thin cornea and over-estimated with thick cornea. For that reason, intraocular pressure should be corrected for corneal thickness.

O.C.T and Visual field should be run regularly to make sure that there is no damage to optic nerve and nerve fiber layer.