I have had eye pain for months



Did you perform any surgery for the eyes?
Do you suffer from pre-existing illnesses in the eye?
Do you suffer from any diseases in the body?
Do you use any eye drops?
Do you wear Contact lenses or Eyeglasses?

I used to wear contact lenses with - 1.25 description before the eye pain. Not anymore and now i use only glasses. 





At December i started feeling uncomfortable in my eyes. Its usually on the left eye. I stopped wearing contact lenses. It only got worse and on Christmas i had to go the Emergency for eye pain.

They wrote me some eye drops and they worked for a while. There was some discomfort but i started to go to school and i just forgot about it, hoping it'll get better.

One day i was stupid enough and after 3 weeks I put the old contacts in. (They weren't experienced). It was very stupid of me and the eye pain came back. It was around January 14 maybe? I don't wear lenses anymore, only glasses.

Well now i've been to A Lot of doctors and nobody knows whats up. The pain is Bad. Sometimes it doesn't hurt but sometimes it gets so BAD that i just cry and cant go to the school. I get also headaches with it for a month now.



One DAY it even got into my right side tooth. Wisdom tooth i think, not sure. I cry a lot because of it and it has pretty much ruined my life. I'm also very young, 14 Years old. Doctors don't know whats up and just recommend me eye drops. They don't help and when i use them it only makes it worse.

Some days it doesn't hurt so Bad and just feels slightly uncomfortable so i have hope it gets better on my own. But Today i woke up with BAD eye pain on left side and i just cried for 4 hours and slept. After that it got better.

Doctors don't know whats up. I had blood tests taken for thyroid. Nothing was wrong. I also live in a little city so we don't really have any eye doctors or New technology to detect what it is. The pain usually comes from the upper side of my eyes. Like the brow area.



It can also get to the head. It used to get on my right side a few times too. Today it was only on my left side. I was also VERY sensitive to lights. Couldn't even go out, but it has gotten better. Sun or computers don't hurt my eyes anymore.

Now i'm very sensitive to smells, can't use any perfume, smell candles or even body wash with strong smell. I've changed all my makeup and i've stopped using my phone so much. I really need help so please could somebody help me and tell me what i could be?

My parents are really worried about me, I don't really want to take pain medicine too often. The weird thing is that my eyes don't get red either. So doctors have no idea what it is. Could it be something like sinusitis (i don't have a runny nose) or maybe nerve problems? I'm very scared and don't want to find out that its too late to get help.





Thanks for your Question

Most likely you have ocular migraine which can cause headache with photosensitivity and osmophilia ( Sensitivity to smell ).

You have to follow with neuro-ophthalmologist for further evaluation of your condition.