Treatment of Amblyopia in Both eyes



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My son is 6 years old and first time diagnosed with Simple Myopic Astigmatism in both eyes and amblyopia.

Eyeglasses prescription:

Right Eye:

Visual Acuity Unaided : 0.3

Visual Acuity Aided:  -2,00 x 180 degree = 0.7

Left Eye:

Visual Acuity Unaided:0.2

Visual Acuity Aided : -2,50 x 170 degrees = 0.7

He is prescribed glasses for astigmatism. His Amblyopia is in both eyes but doctor recommended to close one eye for 3 hours so the other one can improve. Then close the first one so the one develops.

I know this is practice if one eye is affected by Amblyopia, but does this have any sense when both of them are affected? Is this correct treatment when amblyopia is in both eyes?





Thanks for your Question

Isoametropic amblyopia or Bilateral refractive amblyopia occur when there is uncorrected refractive errors in both eyes. Clear image is very important for the development of optical system of the child so any cause that affects the images that your child see will cause amblyopia or lazy eye.

Treatment of this condition is simply by wearing spectacle correction all day and then follow up after few weeks to see the improvement.If there is no improvement then patching is required. Some doctors might start with patching from the beginning and that is ok also.

The exact refractive power of the spectacle is measured after full dilation of pupil with cycloplegic eye drops because with this eye drops, the ciliary muscles inside the eye is completely relaxed and the exact power of the eye can be measured.