Vertical double vision



Submitted by smoncho on Mon, 04/13/2020 - 14:41
Did you perform any surgery for the eyes?
Do you suffer from pre-existing illnesses in the eye?
Do you suffer from any diseases in the body?

I have hypertension (controlled by medication).

Do you use any eye drops?
Do you wear Contact lenses or Eyeglasses?

I wear glassed for myopia and astigmatism. I have wear them since around 7 years old. 





I have been experienced binocular double vision for more than 2 years. However, it is not a continuous issue and its intensity changes a lot with time. Sometimes is very bothering and almost continuous. In the better times I can perceive that I have double vision in particular moments or when I consciously try to detect it in small details.

So it is not bothering me, but it does not disappear totally. The effect is larger (and happens almost always) when I look down.

Of course, I was very worried about that and I have been in several ophthalmologist, but they told me that they did not find anything wrong in my eyes. I have been done a couple of brain MRI meanwhile and they are ok also.

Also, a doctor test for hormones and did not find anything. However, I am not sure if I should follow insisting with more doctors or which other specialist I should visit. Or maybe I should just accept it. Do you have any advice?






Thanks for your Question

It seems you have some problem in vertical extraocular muscle as you said your double vision is more when you look down. There are many causes for that but full ocular examination is required to find out the cause.

You should be examined by ophthalmologist who is specialized in strabismus.

Please do not hesitate to let me know if you have any questions or concerns.