Eye pain on focusing and extreme cold sensitivity



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Did you perform any surgery for the eyes?
Do you suffer from pre-existing illnesses in the eye?
Do you suffer from any diseases in the body?
Do you use any eye drops?
Do you wear Contact lenses or Eyeglasses?

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I am a 36 year old man. In August 2018 I've been diagnosed with Chorioretinitis in my left eye caused by Bartonella Helsenae bacteria. At the peak of infection, infection and retinal edema expanded partially to the area of the macula. Infection was contained and reduced after antibiotics and corticosteroid drops therapy.

Eyesight in the left eye mostly returned to normal but certain damage remained (image distortion in affected corner of the macula and gray spot in the place of infection hot-spot). Even so, I would estimate that 90% of the vision field was preserved. After some time I returned to work (IT) and was working for three weeks without any pain or discomfort, but still adapting to slightly different vision now.

This is when my problems I have questions about start. One day I started feeling pain in my right eye. Pain was most intense when eyes were focusing (reading, working on a computer). After some 1-2 hours of work at the computer pain was unbearable and feeling of burning would spread around the eye area, mostly in the temple area. My right eye was also painful in lying down positions and very sensitive to cold. Even a slight breeze would cause pain the eye.

By doctor's order I got myself glasses which did improve my eyesight but did nothing for the pain.

None of the ophthalmologist I've visited couldn't find any problems with the eye. Eye was "quiet/calm", only symptoms are pain and sensitivity to cold. General neurology exam, EVP exam, MRI of the brain, sinus exam, dental exam - all returned normal.


By suggestion of one of the doctors, I've started using Neurobion (Vitamin B) and magnesium supplements. In combination with avoiding eye focusing on small text (greatly increased text size on the monitor), I felt an improvement. Pain was lower and cold sensitivity reduced.

Now, during working on a computer, I could feel gradual muscles contracting in my right eye, slowly increasing the pain, instead of sharp and immediate pain. Looking away from the monitor into the distance would relax the eye. Right eye would also relax if I would close my left eye (which might point to a connection between left eye damage and right eye strain).

One colder day (below zero) I've spent an hour outside. Upon return to indoors I've felt sharp and short pain in my right eye (worst pain from the start of condition). I have a feeling like eye got colder, thus more rigid causing even more painful and stronger stretch of the nerve/muscle/tissue in the eye.

Since then (three weeks) my right eye is in more or less constant pain, with again increased pain in case of eyes focusing. Right eye is still extremely sensitive to cold, especially to wind/breeze/draft making it hurt for hours in case of exposure.

My questions are - is it possible that brain is trying to "fix" the image received by the left (damaged) eye and by doing so over-stretching the nerves inside my right eye? If yes, is it possible to control this process (maybe with muscle relaxants, left eye occlusion...)? Also, is there any therapy for injuries caused by this, besides already mentioned?

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Thanks for your Question

Bartonella Henselae bacteria causes cat scratch disease which is chorioretinitis and most of the time it is self-limited disease but most of the doctor add medication to accelerate its healing. You have to do OCT and Flourescein angiography to see what is the cause of blurred visionand if there any treatment available for that

I think you need eyeglasses for near, it will help to relax your eye while you work on your computer and decrease pain from eue strain that you have.

Try to use preservative free lubrication which can be helpful also to reduce pain with cold or hot weather