Accommodative estropia



Did you perform any surgery for the eyes?

Correction of esotropia of the Right eye at the age 4.

Do you suffer from pre-existing illnesses in the eye?

Esotropia from childhood.

Do you suffer from any diseases in the body?
Do you use any eye drops?
Do you use any eye drops?




Dear doctor,

The following is my condition: i can't look with both eyes simultaneously, when i look with right eye then both eyes look straight and move accompanied, but when i look with left eye then right eye goes and almost touches to the left side like >_^ (i can change my focus but mostly when left eye gets tired, deliberately i start to look with left one) .

I got my right eye operated again 3 weeks ago [muscles of one side were shortened and another ones enlarged], but there is almost no change. Could you please answer these questions?

1. Is there a way to fix (any treatment, exercise or surgery) at least cosmetic part, that is no matter what eye i would be looking with i could look straight with both eyes, i.e. eye wouldn't go another side when changing focus from one eye to another one?

2. Or if it is impossible to fix then is it possible to force look only with right eye (because in that case i don't get problem with alignment and i look straight with both eyes even though focus is only with right eye) ?

i don't speak about looking with both eyes, when the major focus would be for both of them (rather for one of eyes as now), since i don't think for now it is possible. Just at least i would like to get fixed the cosmetic part







Thanks for your Question

I want to ask you some questions and you can reply back on the comment.

What is the vision acuity in each eye with and without glasses and the second question do you notice any improvement in the esotropia while wearing the eyeglasses.




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Thank you for your prompt answer.

1.Eye acuity: OD=0.9 OS=0.9

2. Unfortunately i hadn't kept on wearing glasses after my first surgery at the age 4. i used to wear only occasionally. Last time i wore eyeglasses 13 years ago so i can't say if i see any improvements. Also doctors recently said that eye glasses would be useless for me and i should have been wearing those in my childhood.

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Your condition can't be answered here without knowing the results of complete ocular examination including the degree of esotropia with or without the eyeglasses and if you have eccentric fixation.

Ocular examination can give me the best way of treatment to your condition and whether surgical treatment can give you any permanent cosmetic improvement.

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