Ocular Diseases

Red and infected Eye

Dear Dr,
I'm from Iran.My collegue is the Canadian man had the eye problem . His eye is red the same as when the cut varid but he says it is infection . How i can help him ?
Ocular Diseases

Hard to see clearly through my right eye

After working outdoors for several hours on a overcast day I noticed it was hard to see clearly through my right eye. I cleaned my tinted safety glasses and still found it...
Ocular Diseases

Right Eye Blurry Vision and Discharge

Chief Complain - I normally wear glasses. recently (several months ago) I started getting more blurred vision in my right eye and noticing discharge especially in the mornings....
Cataract Eye Surgeries

Washout Procedure for the eye

Washout procedure is type of ocular surgery that occurs to washout the anterior chamber of the eye.
What are the indications of the washout Procedure:
1- Hyphema. Hyphema is ...

Brown dot at the end of blood vessel for 2 years

I have had blood shot eyes for more than a year, it's a line from the corner of my eye to my iris.
The blood shot begins from the corner on my eye which is red and ends w...
Ocular Diseases

Eye disturbance

Upon waking in the middle of the night 4 days ago I went back to bed and in the dark I could see 3 big lines that would move with my eyes so I got up and then could see a big l...
Ocular Diseases

Red eyes,pain and Eye floaters?

I'm really very scared. I'm a young girl with high myopia and I see floaters and flashes for years. The last month I noticed red veins in my eyes(I didn't have them bef...
Eye Drops

Systane and Fuchs dystrophy?

I want to get an idea of whether Systane is an effective way to deal with Fuchs' dystrophy. I usually use a generic form of Muro 128, but it stings my eyes quite a bit. An...
Retinal Diseases

Traumatic Retinal Injuries with blurred vision

I had a traumatic cataract during a hockey match and injured my right eye.I could only see blur,very Poor vision,doctors told me i had lost my eye.I finally got it operate...
Retinal Diseases

Traumatic cataract immediately after lucentis injection

Have received about 25-30 lucentis injections for wet macular degeneration over the course of five years. Last week I was immediately aware of sudden extreme blurriness. D...