Glaucoma Eye Surgeries

Gap between Anti-glaucoma Eye drops

I need to arrange help for my relative to take her eye drops and seek advice on timing.
My newly widowed relative lives 100 miles away. She has Cosopt prescribed twice da...
Ocular Diseases

Blurry Vision.. Please Help!

I sometimes get like a blury vision and a pounding head.. its not fully blurred only part of my vision is but when i close my eyes i can still see this blurr. What is this...
Ocular Diseases

I have Eyes problems, what is it

I am 19 (20 in July) and have the following:• Floaters every day. Grey and translucent.Mostly circles and sometimes lines. Can get showers of floaters when look at sk...

40 Years old man with Presbyopia

I am 46 years old and am just having trouble with my eyesight for the first time. I have never had to have any sort of correction before. I am interested in Duette multifo...
Ocular Diseases

Something in my eye

I have something on my eyeball.. It doesn't hurt, but it is really annoying cuz I can feel it when I blink.. It Kind of feels like when something is caught in the eye but ...
Ocular Diseases

Worried about my myopia

I had myopia and wore glasses from 3-4 till 18, the vision got pretty got 20/20 almost so i stopped wearing the glasses. I work a lot on the computer (one eye was never as...
Ocular Diseases

Recurrent Episodes of darkness

I am a 45 year old female and wear multifocal contact lenses.
For many months I have been experiencing split second episodes of darkness (as though blinking).
What can c...
Kids Zone

Three year old baby's eye waters constantly sometimes

My three year old baby girls some times got watery eyes. The eyes waters constantly even after applying oil to her scalp and giving yogurt and fruit juices.
Cataract Eye Surgeries

3 Months after surgery and still having trouble focusing

By Sandy
(Houston, Texas)
I had cataract surgery in my left eye on 11/19/13. After surgery I was told that the AcrySof IQ model SN60WF was implanted. My doctor set my vision ...
Retinal Diseases

Temporary lost of vision

Dear Doctor,
My 99 years old grandmother has lost her vision for a few days. Her right eye is completely blind due to cataract over 2 years ago, but her left eye vision got lo...