Nearsighted in one eye and farsighted in the other

I am 15 years old and I currently do not wear glasses/contacts. When I was about 10, I got 1 contact to put in my right eye because it was the only eye that was having pro...
Contact Lenses

Ortho-k Lenses

Are Ortho-k lenses safe? Does it work?
Ocular Diseases

Phosphoric acid spill in eyes at work last september

After months of asking our employer to move rust converter to a lower shelf for sale, the inevitable happened. I was getting a bottle of rust converter down for a customer...
Retinal Diseases

Poor Night Vision

Hello,I have some problem in both my eyes.I think it is from birth.but I am not sure.My symptoms are:
I can not see in dim light.I mean if there is less light around me then I...
Lasik and refractive surgeries

Post Lasik Problems

Dear doc,
I am 24 years old and i had a zyoptix surgery 10 days ago.my left eye was -7.00 and right eye was -6.00 prior to operation.now i can go out and drive without glasses...
Cataract Eye Surgeries

Post Cataract Surgery Pain

It has been six weeks since having cataracts surgery. But I'm still experiencing A lot of pain and sensitivity .I have been using Refresh eye drops but sometimes t...
Eye Drops

Pred Forte eye drops and glucose intolerance

I have Fuchs endothelial dystrophy and just recently had corneal repair surgery. I am using Pred Forte in my surgery eye, which started at q2h and then has been gradually ...
Ocular Diseases

How to fix excessive tears from toxic effect of gadolinium contrast from MRI of head?

I had an MRI of my head in late November, where they used the intra-venously injected contrast material called "gadolinium", which is a "heavy metal", and quite toxic (poi...
Eye Drops

RGP Optive with Purite vs. Refresh Contacts

20 years RGP CL wearer, I LOVE RGP CL, I never ever get an eye infection, and I do the protein removal soak ever 4 days.
I have used Refresh Contacts a good product, then my e...
Ocular Diseases

Sebaceous cyst in my left eye

I have a sebaceous cyst in the left corner of my eye. i am giving the picture of it. please advice me whether i should go for an operation or not.
Thanks ...