Ocular Diseases

Ocular pain with Headache associated with blurred vision

Any time I have pain in my eyes and headache.
After having pain my visibility stops or the vision is not clear. What can be the cause?
Cataract Eye Surgeries

Itching after cataract eye surgery

Recently had intraocular lens implants in my right eye in November and in Left eye on December.
I Am now experiencing severe discomfort and itching especially in ...
Ocular Diseases

My daughter has Conjunctival Nevus

Dear Doc,
I am so sorry to disturb. I am extremely concerned with my 5 year old’s eye. A spot developed in April 2010 and has since grown. I have taken her to an ophthal...
Eye Drops

Lumigan Eye Drops not lasting long enough

My father's prescription is for 1 drop in one eye daily. The 2.5 ml bottle is supposed to last 60 days, but is empty after 42. Is he squeezing out too big of a drop or is ...
Lasik and refractive surgeries

My daughter has this condition

Beth has Duane Syndrome 
My daughter has this condition and it affects her with both of her eyes. I picked this up at just prior to her 6wk check, and I've been informed ...
Ocular Diseases

Mother in Law with Myopic Macular Degeneration?

My mother-in-law (whose details I have entered above) was diagnosed today as having Myopic Macular Degeneration in the right eye and she also shows early signs of cataract...
Retinal Diseases

I have Asteroid Hyalosis, what should i do?

I was diagnosed with asteriod hyalosis, is there some eye supplements that could help retard the growth?
How about antioxidant?
Can it help?
Lasik and refractive surgeries

Outcomes of Custom Lasik Surgeries

Hello Doctor,
I'm 23 years old, wearing glasses for the past 14 years.
At present i have a power od -9 in right eye, -9.5 with -1 cylindrical in my left eye.
Doctors are sug...

Optimal distance between my eyes and the screen of my computer

Can I reduce the strain my eyes feel from computer use if I move the screen farther from my eyes? I've tried to read up on computer-related eye strain and several ...
Glaucoma Eye Surgeries

Narrow angle Glaucoma with Cataract

I had high eye pressure and the beginnings of a cataract in one eye and the doctor diagnosed pending closed angle glaucoma. His solution for this was cataract surgery. Is ...