BostonSight Prose Lens

BostonSight Prose Lens

BostonSight Prose Lens




PROSE (prosthetic replacement of the ocular surface ecosystem) is a custom-designed lens by BostonSight indicated to promote corneal healing and restoration of visual function for patients with complex corneal disorder.

These prosthetic devices are transparent domes that look similar to oversized hard contact lenses. BostonSight Prose Lens is an FDA-approved prosthetic device that is unique for every patient. It is the only scleral contact lens approved by the U.S. FDA for ocular therapeutic indications.

Prose Contact Lenses are made of hard plastic material that is highly gas-permeable that allows proper oxygenation of the cornea. Prose devices are designed to fit under the lids and resting on the sclera. These devices are filled with sterile saline, creating a space between the it and the eye, providing a reservoir of artificial tears. This pool of artificial tears provides constant lubrication to the diseased cornea.

Treatments with BostonSight Prose Lens help to support healing and alleviate symptoms by creating a healthy ocular surface environment. It also aims to protect the cornea from further damage by creating a barrier against the eyelids and the environment. Prose treatment can also improve blurry vision by creating a smooth optical surface to correct surface corneal irregularities.



Indications of BostonSight Prose Lens


  1. Dry eye syndrome.

  2. Limbal stem cell deficiencies.

  3. Epidermal ocular disorders.

  4. Neurotrophic keratitis.

  5. Corneal exposure (Lagophthalmos).

  6. Corneal degenerations and advance keratoconus.

  7. Corneal dystrophies.

  8. Distorted corneal surface after corneal surgery.

  9. Corneal scarring after a trauma or infection.



Safety information of BostonSight Prose Lens


  1. It is not recommended to sleep with Prose on. Napping can be allowed for a maximum of 30 minutes.

  2. It is advised to remove the Prose device when using eye medications. If frequency of medication is three or more times in a day, consult with an eye doctor as using eye medications while wearing prosthetic devices can affect drug absorption.

  3. Swimming with Prose device requires the wearer to use goggles. The goggles should be watertight to ensure that no water passes through.

  4. When using two prosthetic devices, be aware that the prosthetic devices are marked to identify on which eye it should be used.

  5. If eye pain, sensitivity to light, persistent redness, eye discharge or burning sensation occurs while wearing the device, discontinue use and seek medical advice.

  6. Prose device cleaning and disinfection instructions should be followed meticulously. Use recommended products or discuss alternatives with an eye care professional.

  7. When using eye makeup, check which products are considered by BostonSight Prose to be compatible with the device.



How to apply Prose Lens


  1. Wash hands with water and non-moisturizing soap. Dry hands completely with a lint-free towel.

  2. Place the prosthetic device in the palm.

  3. Gently handle the lens on the outside edges and hold it with the designated plunger.

  4. Fill the device with the prescribed preservative-free saline. Hold the plunger vertically. The preservative-free saline should be retained on the lens to avoid bubbles. Overfilling the lens can help to achieve a bubble-free application.

  5. Eyes should be wide open. Position the device on the center of the eye opening.

  6. Once applied, check the position of the device and detect the presence of bubbles. If bubbles are present, device must be removed and reapplied.



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