Soflens 38 Contact Lens

Soflens 38 Contact Lens

Soflens 38 Contact Lens





The Soflens 38 contact lens is designed as a refracting medium to focus light on the retina. This lens is prescribed for both nearsighted and farsighted patients, who do not suffer from any other diseases of the eye.

The Soflens 38 lens can be prescribed for daily or weekly disposal. It can be worn for up to seven consecutive days, providing it is removed nightly and cleaned/disinfected sufficiently between insertions.

This lens can be cleaned using either a heat or chemical process. The length of time the lens can be worn will be determined by the eye care professional that creates the prescription. Always follow the written instructions on the prescription to avoid potential side effects from long term contact wear.

There have been studies that indicate that long term wear contacts, or those that are not removed at all during their wear period, can increase the likelihoods of a variety of eye conditions. The Softlens 38 contact lens can be used as an extended wear lens for up to seven days, only if so prescribed. When the wear limit has been reached the lens should be discarded up on removal.

These lenses are often prescribed as a daily disposable. Daily disposable lenses provide the maximum safety for eyes and reduce the chance of bacterial or fungal infections or injury to the cornea.




These contacts provide phenomenal vision correction to those with a monovision prescription. Provided patient is ready and able to follow all care instructions, these lenses are a great switch from glasses or hard contacts. The soft gel lenses are 38.6% water and allow incredible oxygen penetration. This creates a natural and comfortable atmosphere for the eyes.

Patients who suffer from dry eyes should be cautious about trying contact lenses, as they can create more discomfort and additional vision problems. However, of the contact brands available the Softlens 38 contact lens is a great option. Talk with an eye care professional about the variety of lenses available.

Your specific prescription and eye health will determine which contact lenses will work best for you. Discuss the benefits of using Softlens 38 contact lens long wearing options if you only need monovision contact lenses. They are available in +4.00D to -9.00D in .25D increments with a diameter of 14mm and three base curve options of 8.4mm, 8.7mm, and 9mm. This wide array allows them to be used for virtually any prescription.


Product Details of Soflens 38 Contact Lens

• Diameter: 14

• Base Curve: 8.4, 8.7 or 9.0

• Power range: -9.00 - +4.00

• Material: Polymacon

• Water Content: 38.6%




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