Soflens Multi Focal Contacts

Soflens Multi Focal Contacts

Soflens Multi Focal Contacts​





For those that suffer from presbyopia, finding a comfortable contact lens can be difficult. Wearers need something that can adjust for both distances and close up items, and also allow them to see in comfort for an entire day.

Soflens Multi Focal Contacts are one of the best available options for those seeking a comfortable alternative to glass that will still offer them crystal clear vision no matter the distance.

Soflens Multi Focal Contact Lenses are available in a range of powers to fit virtually anyone, ranging from -10.00D to +6.00D. They are soft lenses made from polymacon with a diameter 14.5mm and tinted a light blue to allow for easy insertion. The coloration does not affect eye color, but is used to allow the patient to easily locate the lens.

The lenses are prescribed for those that are near sighted, far sighted, astigmatic and presbyopic, provided they do not suffer from any other eye disease.

Contacts allow patients to experience life without the barrier of glasses. Those that enjoy active sports will be able to fully participate without the nagging worry about broken glasses. Disposable contacts offer patients the ability to get out there and enjoy life in the certain knowledge that if something happens to their contacts, it is not a big deal.

SofLens multifocal lenses are designed for daily wear for any where from one to seven days depending on your prescription. The eye care professional that writes your prescription will determine how long you should wear the lenses before switching to a new pair.




Daily disposables are an ideal solution for many, since they have the lowest risk for eye infections or other problems. Because these lenses are also designed with extended wear in mind, they allow wearers to fall asleep with contacts in at no additional risk. Traditional, non-extended wear contacts can become lost in the eye if they are worn to sleep.

These are designed to be worn overnight as needed, though once they are removed from the eye they should be discarded.

The comfort, crystal clear vision and flexibility offered by SofLens multifocal contacts make them a commonly prescribed brand. Don’t get stuck wearing contacts that you must clean daily and risk the buildup of bacteria and fungi when you can get daily disposables that can be worn for up to a week.

The next time you have an appointment with your eye care professional, make sure to discuss the options of these lenses and determine if they are right for you.


Product Details of Soflens Multi Focal Contacts

• Diameter: 14.5

• BC: 8.5 and 8.8

• Power range: -10. - +6.00

• Add Power: Low (+0.75D to +1.50D) and High (+1.75D to +2.50D)

• Material: Polymacon

• Water Content: 38.6%




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