Summer Makeup Trends for Eyes

Summer Makeup Trends for Eyes

Summer Makeup Trends for Eyes



It’s summertime. Vacations are nearing and you’re already packing your bags full of your summer clothes. There’ll be times when you’re lazing by the pool or having a casual barbeque with friends and there’ll be times when you’re hitting the tiles at one of the local beach restaurants. Whatever the occasion is, you’ve got to look your best, and that includes your makeup, more specifically your eye makeup.

The summer is a great time to be a little more adventurous with your eye makeup, and it’s a great time to experiment with more color. Here a few of this summer’s hottest eye makeup trends to get that playful cute look you want.


Smoky Eyes for summer

Quite often women are afraid of going too bold with color, especially when it comes to their eyes. They tend think they look too ‘wild’, and as a result they opt for something simpler, something more understated, something more boring! But summer’s the perfect time to be a bit more daring.

The secret is to use a mixture of bright colored shadows with more neutral tones to get that desired look. If you’re stuck on a color to choose, opt for green – it works with most eye colors and skin tones.

Start by brushing a medium to light brown shadow onto your eye’s outer part of the lid, making sure it goes right up to the crease. Do the same for the bottom outer part too. Using a green shadow, such as Emerald Green from Kiko, brush it gently onto the middle part of the eyelid, working towards the inner corner.



Use exactly the same shade of green or blue if you want a more eye popping look, and run the color halfway under the eye. Using a darker brown color, blend the color into the outer corner of your eye. For a more colorful look that makes your eyes appear brighter, add a lighter color to the inner corners, such as yellow or off-white.

Using a thick kohl pencil, line the upper lid and finish the look off with a few lashes of waterproof mascara. Be the centre of the party with your show stopping eyes!


Hot Summer Nights

One of the unofficial makeup colors of the season is definitely yellow – it’s everywhere, including eyes! Subtle yellow eye shadow can take your look from drab to smoldering in a matter of minutes.

Firstly, you’ll have to prime your eyelids in preparation. Using a flat stiff eye makeup brush apply a good primer such as Yellow Brick Road by Makeup Geek to the lids and crease. Taking a white shadow with a hint of glitter, apply it to the inner corners of the eye to make them appear larger and brighter.

Use the same light colored eye shadow and run your eye shadow brush under your eyebrow to add more definition to the eye. Using a thin stiff brush, create an almond outline from the halfway point of your eye, going outwards. Do the same from the bottom and connect the two lines to form half an almond. You’ll look like you’ve got cat eyes! Once you’re happy with the shape, use a flatter bigger brush and fill the shape in, sweeping your brush outwards, ensuring to blend properly.

After you’ve finished, you’ll notice you’ve got two distinct contrasting colors. Using the darker brown, (we suggest Burberry, Midnight Brown), take a cue tip, dip it into your darker shadow and run it along the base of your eye, which adds to the whole smoldering smoky look!

Now, it’s time to add some real drama to your eyes. Using black liquid eyeliner, create a thick line on your eyelid, working from the inner corner to the outer one. It’s essential to leave this line unbroken and make it one smooth movement for a clean look. Before taking off the liquid pen from your eye, flick it upwards. Using a translucent powder, gently brush your eyes to set the makeup.

Finish off the look completely with a few generous applications of black mascara on your upper lashes. Applying mascara to the bottom lashes is optional, but it’s unnecessary since your eyes will already be everyone else’s focal point.

Vacation time is supposed to be exciting, so spice it up even more with some daring summer makeup trends.



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