Abducens Nerve Palsy

Abducens Nerve Palsy. Large tumor in the left hemisphere cause left sixth nerve palsy © 2019 American Academy of Ophthalmology

Abducens Nerve Palsy



Abducens nerve is the six cranial nerve and it innervates the lateral rectus muscle of the eyeball.

Palsy, paralysis or lesion to this nerve will cause limitation of abduction and esotropia which inward deviation of the eyeball.


Common Causes of Six Nerve Palsy

1- Tumor such as acoustic neuroma and nasopharyngeal tumor.

2- Vascular diseases such as hypertension, diabetes mellitus and stroke.

3- Increase intracranial pressure.

4- Basal skull fracture. Which is fracture of the base of the skull.

5- Subarachnoid hemorrhage.

6- Sarcoidosis.



Symptoms Of Abducens Nerve Palsy

Diplopia or double vision which increase in the direction of the paralyzed muscle which means of the paralyzed lateral rectus muscle in the right eye, double vision will increase when you look to the right side and if in the left eye, double vision will increase when you look to the left side.


Treatments of Abducens Nerve Palsy

1- Treatments of the underlying medical conditions.

2- Prism glasses to alleviate double vision in adult.

3- Surgery in longstanding and stable cases.



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