Automated Tonometer

Automated Tonometer. TX-20P Full-Auto Tonometer

Automated Tonometer



The first Fully automatic tonometer prototype will be revealed by Canon U.S.A at the 2011 vision expo East and conference at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center in New York.

1- Non-contact Auto Tonometer.

2- Automated measurement of Intraocular Pressure(IOP).

3- Automated measurement of Central Corneal Thickness (CCT).

4- Automated calculation of corrected Intraocular pressure which depends mainly on Central Corneal Thickness. Corrected Intraocular pressure is very important for eye doctor in management and treatments of glaucoma patients.

Thin Cornea will underestimate the Intraocular pressure that is measured through Goldmann Tonometer while thick cornea will overestimate the Intraocular pressure.




Patient with thin cornea, his intraocular pressure measurement through Goldmann Tonometer is 18mmHg which is within the normal range of IOP and the eye doctor won’t treat him, but actually his corrected IOP (after measuring the Central Corneal Thickness through Pachymetry) is more than 20 mmHg which is above the normal range. After measuring the Corrected IOP, this patient should be treated as having high intraocular pressure.



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