Ophthalmology Terminology B

Ophthalmology Terminology B

Ophthalmology Terminology B​



Bacterial Conjunctivitis. Conjunctival infection caused by bacteria.Conjunctiva is a transparent membrane that covers the white part of the eye.

Bacterial Keratitis. Corneal infection that id caused by bacteria.

Bagolini Striated Glasses.

Bandage Contact Lens

Band Keratopathy.
Common condition which is characterized by deposition of calcium salts in corneal epithelial basement membrane and anterior stroma.

Behcets syndrome. It is idiopathic disease that is associated with multi-system disorders. It is associated with oral ulceration,genital ulceration,skin lesion, arthritis and uveitis.

Bells Palsy. Paralysis of the 7th cranial nerve which is called Facial Nerve. This nerve supplies the muscle of the face.

Benzalkonium Chloride. It is disinfectant solution that is used as preservative in many of eye drops to decrease the risk of contamination.

Bergmeister Papilla. Congenital anomaly of the optic disc that is caused by a remnant of fetal hyaloid artery of the eye. It is characterized by white tissue that is attached to the surface of optic disc.

Bifocal Contact lenses

Binocular Vision.
Separate and similar images seen by the two eyes and perceived as one image.



Birdshot Retinochoroidopathy. Disease of the posterior segment of the eye that is associated with uveitis and inflammation of the choroid, retina, retinal vessels and optic disc.

Bitot Spots. Irregular keratinization of the superficial cells of the conjunctiva. It is associated with Vitamin A deficiency.

Blebitis. Infection of the bleb. In trabeculectomy surgery, the scleral flap is covered by conjunctiva. Aqueous Humor is directed from inside the eye through the scleral flap to outside the eye. Bleb is that space that is filled with aqueous humor and lies between the scleral flap and conjunctiva.


Recurrent attacks of Upper eyelid edema or swelling which in chronic cases can result in Ptosis.

Blepharoptosis. It is another medical term of Ptosis.

Blepharospasm. Abnormal involuntary contraction or spasm of the eyelid that last for longer duration than normal blinking.In sever cases it can cause complete eye closure.

Blinking Reflex. Involuntary contraction of the eyelid due to corneal stimulation by touch or foreign body or optic nerve stimulation by intensive light.



Branch Retinal Artery Occlusion. Occlusion in one of the branches of retinal arteries.

Branch retinal Vein Occlusion. Occlusion in one of the branches of retinal veins.

Brushfield Spots. White spots that present on the iris. Mainly it is associated with Down syndrome but also it can be found in normal people.

Bullous Keratopathy. Corneal disorder that is associated with cysts formation in the corneal surface.

Bulls Eye Maculopathy. Circular in shape Macular disorders in which the macula looks like Bull's eye. There are three rings. The central and the peripheral rings are darker in color than the middle ring.

Buphthalmos. A condition which occurs mainly in patients with congenital glaucoma. It is characterized by large cornea, large eye with large axial length,cornea opacity and high intraocular pressure.

Busacca Nodules. Inflammatory nodule that appears on the peripheral part of the iris. It occurs in patients with granulomatous anterior uveitis such as in patients with Sarcoidosis.




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