Imak Eye Pillow

Imak Eye Pillow

Imak Eye Pillow



Imak Eye pillow is a special pillow that is designed to be placed over the eyes. It is made of breathable cotton lyrca that is washable and it is latex free for people who are allergic to latex.

It is filled with special small smooth plastic beads. These plastic beads are called ergo beads because they glide smoothly over your skin and provide massaging effect for the eye lid and the area around the eye.

This massaging effect will give you a relief and healthy skin by increasing the blood circulation in this area and by reducing pain, stress and eye strain.

It has a light weight and has an elastic strap to keep the mask in place.

It has two sewn darts which will create comfortable rooms for your eyes and lashes and help to block out the light.



Benefits of Imak Eye Pillow

1- Relieve eye strain especially after a long period of computer work.

2- Help to reduce eye allergy symptoms such as itching, red eye and puffy eyes.

3- Block out the light so it can help you to sleep during the day.

4- Great way for meditation and relaxation especially in traveling.

5- It can help to reduce pain in patients with migraine, sinus pain and headaches.

6- Gives you a healthy looking eye and helps to reduce wrinkles around eyes by increase blood flow around this area.
For maximum effectiveness, place it in the freezer with special sealed bag and use it when needed.



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