Ophthalmology Terminology O

Ophthalmology Terminology O

Ophthalmology Terminology O​



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Ocular Ischemic Syndrome. Complications that occur in the eye due to decrease blood supply.

Ocular Hypertension. High Intraocular pressure that is not associated with optic nerve damage. This type should be monitored closely for any changes in optic disc and visual fields.

Oculodermal Melanosis. A congenital condition which is characterized by increase number, size and pigmentation of the melanocytes in conjunctiva,iris, choroid and skin. It involves parts of the facial skin that is supplied by the first and second branch of Trigeminal nerve.

Ocular Migraine

Oculomotor Nerve Palsy. Lesion of the third cranial nerve. This nerve innervates most of the extrraocular muscles of the eye and also it innervate the efferent route to the iris that causes pupil miosis or constriction.

Ogushi’s Syndrome. A form of congenital night blindness which exhibit Mizuo Phenomenon in which the retina exhibits yellow color with light exposure and disappear with dark adaptation.

One And A Half Syndrome.

Open Angle Glaucoma



Ophthalmoplegia. Paralysis or restriction in movement of the eyeball.

Optic Atrophy. Wasting away in the tissue of optic nerve which will cause optic nerve dysfunction. Atrophy either completely of partially, depends of the cause.

Optic Disc. Part of the eye in which the axons of retinal ganglion cells exit as an optic nerve to reach the brain. It is oval in shape and lies in the posterior pole of the eye.

Optic Disc Coloboma. Incomplete formation of part of the disc. It can be associated with coloboma of the other parts of the eye such as iris and eyelid.

Optic Disc Swelling. Blurred,undefined and swelled margin of the optic disc. Normally, the margins of the disc are clear and sharp.

Optic Nerve Drusens. Calcification of mucoproteins and mucopolysaccharides that deposits in the optic disc and nerve. It can be superficial(on the surface of optic disc) or deep with in the nerve substance.

Optic Nerve. Collections of axons of retinal ganglion cells that exit the eye through the optic disc and reach the brain. It is responsible for transmission of retinal responses to lights from retinal cells to the brain.

Optic Nerve Glioma. Abnormal growth of the glial tissue of the optic nerve.It can cause ocular proptosis and decrease in visual acuity.



Optic Nerve Meningioma. Abnormal growth of the meningeal tissue that covers the optic nerve. It can cause ocular proptosis and decrease in visual acuity.

Optic Nerve Pits. Abnormal round defects that occurs of the temporal side of the optic disc. It represents a regional depression that occurs due to congenital malformation.It is associated with enlarged blind spot in visual field and central serous retinopathy.

Optic Neuritis. It is inflammation of the optic nerve and the dura sheath that surrounds it.

Optic Neuropathy. Damage of the optic nerve that cause optic nerve dysfunction. It has many causes such as trauma, toxic, malnutrition and compression.

Optive Eye Drops

Ora Serrata. Point of junction between the Retina and the Ciliary Body.




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