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Black area in my vision

      Hi, If I close one eye, I can still see the darkness from the shut eye. It's like the brain can't focus100% on what the open eye sees, instead I see some of the darkness from ...

5 Years old with esotropia

      Hello Dr, My son is 5 years old and he has recently developed double vision with intermittent esotropia which is not all the time. Child is healthy, specialist check the eyes ...

Eyesight weakness and blur images

      Sir, I'm 20 years old. i'm unable to read words at 6 feet distance also in the evening i feel blur and can't identify any person face at distance approx 14 feet. I'm a comput...

Irritation from Contact Lens

      Hi, I wear soft contacts and the right eye starts to get irritated after about 6-7 hours of wear,  I do not have this issue with the left and the lenses are not damaged.&...




ask the eye doctor

Ask the eye doctor is an

online web eye clinic

where you can consult the eye doctor and ask questions about

eye problems online

we provide

free eye problems consultation

through our experienced set of doctors, who are always willing to help you. just ask the eye doctor what ever you like about your eye problems and he will help you find the cure for free.
Dr. Sami Rezeq is the main eye doctor, he answer all your questions about eye problems.

Online free eye consultation

. Register for free and follow the instructions Now your can get answers for your question from your home. On Webeyeclinic.com it is free to register, just follow the steps and you can write any question you want regarding your eye and get a free online consultation from a verified


Ask the eye doctor: an online web clinic for eye questions and eye consultation


Most people suffer from one type of eye disorders or another during their lifetime.This website offers free online eye consultation service and ask the eye doctor and provides you with everything you need to know about all the options which are available to you to treat your eyes so that they become healthy once again.Here you will also find Ophthalmologist online help free.

The information we give here can help you to :


  • Discover the causes of dry eyes and the available remedies

  • Explore your options for cataract eye surgery.

  • Find out the causes and treatments of glaucoma.

  • See how the color, shape, size, functions,

  • Sensations and position of your eyes can indicate an eye disorder.

  • Learn how refractive errors (such as myopia and hyperopia) can be corrected with glasses or contact lenses.

  • Understand the causes and treatments for diabetic retinopathy.

  • Prevent eye redness, itchy eyes and pain and burning eyes.

  • Evaluate if laser or Lasik eye surgery is an option for you.

And many more topics of critical importance to you in maintaining optimum eye health.

Ask doctor online free at Web Eye Clinic.




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