Chat with Eye Doctor Online

Chat with Eye Doctor Online


Chat with Eye Doctor Online




A small mistake with your eye health can cost you a lot. Many people are relying on amateur advice or sifting through thousands of internet search results which most of the time can cause harm to your health.

Now with the help of, You can chat directly with our eye doctor at Instagram for free.


What benefits from joining our private Chat with Eye Doctor On Instagram



1- Chat 1 to 1 with our eye doctor privately at instagram for free.

2- We help you to understand different eye problems and diseases that are related to Cornea, eyelid and oculoplastic, eyeglasses, contact lenses, cataract, glaucoma, retinal diseases and children eye care.

3- We can help you to prepare questions to understand your problem when you visit your eye doctor.

4- Get Second opinion and online doctor consultation of your eye problems.

5- You can also join our private facebook group in which you can chat with other members of the group, share and learn from their experiences and your recommendations.

6- For now we only manage chat in English, in the near future we might add other languages

7- Receive multiple promotions and offers from local Ophthalmologists, eye centers, hospitals and eye care products. To do So please:


  • Chat with eye doctor online at Instagram
  • Join the facebook group, Join the group.
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  •  Share with friends and Family. The more followers we get, the more offers, deals and services from doctors, medical centers, hospitals, optical shops and others we can get and share with our loyal followers.



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