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Chat with Eye Doctor online for Free

Chat with Eye Doctor Online For Free




Now you can chat with eye doctor online for Free either with facebook messenger or through instagram.

A small mistake in the health of your eyes can cost you a lot. Many people rely on the tips of amateurs or on the thousands of search results on the Internet that can cause harm to your eye  most of the time.

Now with the help of, you can chat directly with our ophthalmologist on facebook messenger or on Instagram.

What are the advantages of joining our chat Eye Doctor Online facebook Messenger:

1- Chat 1 to 1 with our ophthalmologist on facebook messenger.

2- We help you understand the various eye problems and diseases related to the cornea and eyelid, glasses, contact lenses, cataracts, glaucoma, retinal diseases and eye diseases for children.

3- We can help you prepare questions to understand your problem when you visit your ophthalmologist.

4- Get a second opinion and consult a doctor online for eye problems.

5- When you join our facebook Group, you can chat with other group members, sharing and learning from their experiences and recommendations.


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