Choroidal Hemorrhage

Choroidal hemorrhage. Subretinal collection of blood in patient with wet macular degeneration.© 2019 American Academy of Ophthalmology

Choroidal Hemorrhage



Choroidal hemorrhage is one of uncommon complications after cataract surgery but still can occur. If it is localized and lies peripherally, away from the macular it can cause no visual symptoms, but if it lies in or near the macular it can cause loss of vision.

Sometimes, when the hemorrhage lies peripherally, it will push forward against the ciliry body and iris which can lead to narrow or closure angle glaucoma.

Usually the treatment of it is observation and regular follow-up.

When high intraocular pressure is associated with it, eye drops for glaucoma should be used to decrease the intraocular pressure.

In severe cases drainage of the hemorrhage can be done through scleral incision.



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