What To Expect After Cataract Surgery

What To Expect After Cataract Surgery. Cataract Eye Surgery with Phaco-emulsification © 2019 American Academy of Ophthalmology

What To Expect After Cataract Surgery



Are you scheduled to have cataract surgery? Or has your doctor suggested that you may need it in the future?

Undergoing a surgical procedure can make anyone nervous; but, we are often less apprehensive if we know exactly what to expect.

Understanding the best way to care for your eyes once a cataract has been removed and being aware of common post surgery symptoms will ensure proper healing and help prevent infection.

The period following cataract surgery is very important. You will need to wear a plastic protective shield or eyeglasses during the healing process, especially when going outside, showering, or sleeping.

You will also be given a prescription for medication or cataract eye drops that you will need to apply according to your doctor's instructions. Cataract eye drops are a mixture of steroids and antibiotics that will help control the pressure in your eye, reduce inflammation, and decrease the chance for infection.



Your doctor will want to examine your eye within 24-36 hours following the surgery, and will also schedule regular follow-up appointments to carefully monitor your progress and healing.

Although very rare, complications can occur after surgery. Some common symptoms are expected, but if you experience any unusual or concerning problems, it is important that you seek medical attention immediately.


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