Prescription colored contact lenses

Prescription colored contact lenses

Prescription colored contact lenses




Colored contact lenses are designed to change the color and even the appearance of your eye.

Colored lenses are available with or without vision correction optical power (Plano Lenses). Plano lenses are designed plainly to change your eye color and do not have lens power for correction of vision. While lenses with refractive power are designed to correct vision as well as change your eye color.

Colored contact lenses are often advertised as cosmetic or fashion accessories. You can even order from shops online or buy from cosmetic shops without a prescription or prior eye consultation. This practice can cause a potential risk for injury to consumers who are unaware of proper contact lens use and care.

Wearing non-prescription colored costume contact lenses such as halloween contact lenses has been found to increase the risk of developing potentially blinding infections on the eye compared to people wearing regular corrective lenses. Safety measures should be taken seriously before putting anything on your eyes.

Even with perfect vision, it is necessary to have a comprehensive eye examination before using any type of contact lenses.



What to expect during an eye exam:

  • General eye health will be checked. You’ll be assessed if you’re a good candidate for contact lens use. People suffering from certain eye conditions may have difficulties and comfort issues with the use of contact lenses.

  • The quality of your vision will be checked and prescription for eyeglasses will be determined.

  • Contact lens fitting. Some measurements will be taken to properly fit your contact lenses. One size doesn’t fit all; proper contact lens fitting ensures optimal comfort and vision correction. Your eye care professional may let you try a pair of lenses for few minutes or hours to confirm fit and comfort before finalizing your contact lens prescription.

  • Instructions on proper use will be given. Insertion and removal of contact lenses may be demonstrated. Additional instructions will be given such as how long you can use them and when not to use them.

  • Instructions on proper contact lens care will be given. Procedures in cleaning, disinfecting and storage will be discussed. This is an important step as non-compliance to proper lens care increases risk for eye infection.

  • Your eye care professional may request follow-up visits to evaluate fit and comfort.



Are colored contact lenses safe to use?

Just like regular contact lenses, colored contact lenses are safe as long as the wearer consulted an eye care professional for a comprehensive checkup and proper contact lens fitting prior to use.

A contact lens wearer should understand and be able to comply with the proper use, cleaning, disinfecting and storage of contact lenses.

Make sure that the lenses you’ll use are FDA-approved or cleared to ensure that it’s medically safe to use. Remember that these are medical devices and improper use has its dangers.


Potential complications of improper contact lens use:

  • Corneal abrasion or ulcers – a scratch, cut or open sores on the cornea

  • Infection – redness, pain, tearing, discharge, and decreased vision are signs of possible infection

  • Allergic reactions – redness, itching, watery eyes

  • Decrease in vision – corneal injuries may significantly affect quality of vision

  • Permanent vision loss – a bad eye infection can cause serious eye damage and can lead to blindness



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