Safety Glasses With Bifocals

Safety Glasses With Bifocals

Safety Glasses with Bifocals Set the Trend when it comes to Safety and Style



Bifocal Safety Glasses are safety glasses with lenses made with magnifiers that are used to correct near and far vision vision at the same time. These pairs of distances are integrated directly into the lenses. They are designed for individuals who need vision correction along with a requirement for safety glasses. Bifocal safety glasses make switching between two pairs of glasses—prescription and safety—a thing of the past.

Bifocal glasses are used primarily to correct poor near vision while providing safety to your day’s activities. They are perfect to use if your job involves the handling of heavy equipment or machinery, or requires you to use materials that are hazardous to one’s eyes. There are many people who wear prescription glasses while having to comply with their job’s safety rules, bifocal glasses is the perfect solution to reconciling these two worlds.


Meets very precise needs

Safety Glasses with Bifocals combine safety along with the convenience of prescription in one package, making it a truly ingenious invention. If you are buying a pair of glasses online, you will discover that most Bifocal safety glasses and lenses are available in diopters within the +1.50 to +2.50 D range. Some lens and pairs also come in +1.00 and +3.00 grades.

There are also models for women that come in smaller increments to meet very precise needs. They are available in many colors such as Amber, Brown, Gray and even Pink.



Shatterproof and Stylish

All of these pairs are made of shatterproof polycarbonate lens and provide UVA and UVB protection of up to 99.9%. Bifocal glasses are well-received by the public especially because of its convenience and the many style options that are available.

The types of Bifocal safety glasses are ideal for a variety of purposes and especially for individuals who need to work outdoors. They come in clear, colored, tinted and often with an anti-fog coating and UV protection.

Wearers no longer have to switch back and forth from safety glasses and reading glasses, a problem that is not only a hassle but also unsafe.



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