Almay Amazing Lasting 16 Hour Eyeliner

Almay Amazing Lasting 16 Hour Eyeliner

Almay Amazing Lasting 16 Hour Eyeliner​



Almay Amazing Lasting 16 Hour Eyeliner is a crayon contour pencil liner that promises to give definition to your eyes that can last for up to 16 hours. The water-resistant and smudge-proof formula can be applied close to the base of the eyelashes, above the upper lashes and below the lower lashes.

Almay Amazing Lasting 16 Hour Eyeliner has been Ophthalmologist tested and is suitable for sensitive eyes. It has been formulated with Vitamin E to nourish the delicate skin around the eyes.

Almay Amazing Lasting 16 Hour Eyeliner is equipped with a fine felt tip to aid for an easy and smooth application without tugging. It also has a built-in sharpener to ensure that your pencil tip is always sharp for that well-defined line. A 0.01 oz/0.28 g pencil retails for about $7 to $12.

Almay Amazing Lasting 16 Hour Eyeliner is available in 3 shades: Brown, Black and Black Brown.


Consumer Reviews of Almay Amazing Lasting 16 Hour Eyeliner



Positive Feedback

  • A makeup artist used this liner on me and I love how soft it felt. I got a tip from her and so I purchased one for myself.

  • It’s very creamy, easy to apply and goes on smoothly.

  • It has no noticeable to very little smudging throughout the day.

  • Inexpensive price. It’s a real bargain

  • It has a handy built-in sharpener. I also don’t need to sharpen it too often like other products.

  • It works well for thin and thick lines. I can rock both simple and dramatic looks with it.

  • I have sensitive eyes and I didn’t experience any reaction from the product.

  • It’s very black and goes on evenly.

  • Great staying power. It lasted the entire day. I have yet to try having it on for more than 16 hours to prove their marketing claim.

  • It lasts long on my waterline.

  • I have lids that can get oily rather quickly and that easily give me panda eyes. This product worked wonders for me, no more panda eyes!

Negative Feedback

  • The applicator twister is loose. Sometimes it gets twisted by itself leaving it halfway open in my pouch.

  • It’s a bit hard to remove that sometimes I have to rub my skin hard to get it off. Correcting a mistake requires some effort too.

  • I have very oily lids and this product doesn’t seem to work for me. It smears a lot and transfers to my upper lids. I have tried using a primer and some spray but it didn’t help.

  • It’s not dark enough and tends to fade after few hours.

  • The sharpener is too small to be used properly.

  • It doesn’t last long. I also don’t think it’s water-resistant as I had runs from previous use.

  • I do make-up for a living and I like this product, but the lack of variety in shades leaves me no choice but to get from other brands. For convenience I often trade it off for others that I can get together with my other liner or eye makeup products.

  • I made the mistake of using this liner during my swimming class. It was horrible.



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