FreshLook Dimensions Contact Lenses

FreshLook Dimensions Contact Lenses

FreshLook Dimensions Contact Lenses





The use of cosmetic contact lenses or colored lenses has been a trend in the beauty industry. Consumers seeking for a subtle eye color enhancement or bold transformation opt to use colored contact lenses whether for medical use or plain cosmetic purposes.

FreshLook DIMENSIONS soft contact lenses are colored lenses designed to define and enhance the eye’s natural color. FreshLook DIMENSIONS contact lenses aim to complement the eye color with special attention given to light-colored iris to enhance its natural color.

A unique starburst pattern on the lens gives depth and definition to the eye giving it a bigger, brighter, and intense shade that boosts the natural eye color rather than overpower it.

FreshLook DIMENSIONS soft contact lens colors are available in Pacific Blue, Sea Green, and Caribbean Aqua that are especially prepared for lighter eyes.

FreshLook DIMENSIONS soft lenses are available for both cosmetic and prescription use. These lenses come in spherical form designed for the treatment of myopia (nearsightedness) or hyperopia (farsightedness) that may or may not have some degree of astigmatism. But plano lenses are also available just to enjoy the color enhancement effect of FreshLook DIMENSIONS lenses.


Vision correction

FreshLook DIMENSIONS soft contact lenses are indicated for the correction of near- and farsightedness in non-diseased eyes that may have refractive astigmatism of up to 2.0 diopters.

FreshLook soft spherical contact lenses are available in the power range of -20.00 D to +20.00 D.






FreshLook DIMENSIONS contact lenses are made of a hydrophilic copolymer. The lens material is 45% phemfilcon A and 55% water. FreshLook DIMENSIONS lenses are made by modifying the tinted lens by adding colored pigments on the front surface layer of the lens that corresponds to the iris (colored part of the eye).

FreshLook DIMENSIONS lenses are tinted green for visibility and ease in handling. The color additive phthalocyanine green is used for better contrast in the printed part of the lens. Phthalocyanine green does not affect the optical performance of the lens. It doesn’t come off during lens handling and care regimen.

The FreshLook soft contact lens family has several products with a built-in UV absorber. This is indicated in each product package. The thinnest FreshLook® lenses with UV absorber (-3.50 diopters and below) block at least 98% UVA and 94% UVB radiation. Thicker lenses have higher degrees of UV radiation protection.

Safety information

FreshLook DIMENSIONS contact lenses should be replaced every 2 weeks or as advised by an eye care professional. The eye care professional may advise that lenses be replaced sooner than suggested replacement schedule based on the patient’s eye condition and several other factors that have to be considered when prescribing contact lenses.

FreshLook DIMENSIONS lenses are designed for daily wear (less than 24 hours while awake). The tendency to over-wear the lenses is quite common on initial use that’s why it is important to follow wearing schedule as advised by the eye care professional.

FreshLook soft contact lenses with UV-absorbing monomer help to protect the eyes from harmful UV rays but are not substitutes to UV-protective eyewear.




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