Contoura Vision

Contoura Vision, topography guided lasik

Contoura Vision, topography guided lasik




What Is Contoura Vision, Topography-Guided LASIK?


Contoura Lasik is type of customized laser eye treatment but with more personalized treatment and better visual outcomes than the standard lasik eye surgery. It is an FDA approved topography-guided Lasik eye surgery.


How Contoura vision is different from standard lasik


With standard lasik surgery, the refractive powers of the eyes are used to guide excimer laser for the treatment while in Contoura vision, the topographic tests of the cornea send data other than the refractive power of the eye to guide excimer laser for the treatment of the cornea

Each cornea has its own optical characteristics that are different from one eye to another and in the topographic tests, multiple images are created for the cornea and its irregularities and optical features, and these images analyze over 22,000 points of the cornea.

In some patients especially those with astigmatism, the cornea surface is not smooth and is irregular which disrupts the lights that enter to the eye and prevent the patient from achieving optimal vision.

Topographic tests find these irregular points and send data to excimer laser for guided treatment



How Contoura Lasik is different from Wavefront Guided Lasik


Contoura Vision measures 22,000 points of the cornea while wavefront measure only 200 points of the cornea also the measurements of wavefront are for the whole eye while in contoura lasik all the measurements are from the cornea


Benefits of contoura Vision


It improves vision better than eyeglasses or contact lenses and many patients achieve better vision than 20/20.

Those patients with nearsightedness or farsightedness with astigmatism are who benefit the most from Contoura vision. It reduces light sensitivity, halos and glare which help to improve many of visual symptoms that those people are complaining of such as difficulties in night drive and difficulties in reading.



Contoura Vision vs SMILE Eye Surgery


1- In SMILE Surgery, there is less damage to corneal nerves compared to Contoura lasik so there is reduction of incidence of dry eyes in patients who underwent SMILE.

2- In SMILE Surgery there is no wavefront-guided individual treatment to reduce optical aberrations while in Contoura there is topoguided lasik surgery that is customized for each patient. This will help to reduce glare, haloes and improve night driving.

3- Contoura is more effective than SMILE for the treatment of Astigmatism. FDA has approved SMILE for correction of only 0.5 Diopter of astigmatism while for Contoura was approved by FDA up to 3.0 Diopter Astgimatism.

4- Vision recovery after Contoura vision surgery is immediately while that for SMILE surgery might take up to 3-4 days.



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