I have central serous chorioretinopathy

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I too had a left eye CSR about 2 weeks ago, my vision is great in both eyes but the left eye has darker color, like i see red color darker than it is really.

The thing is i have been having those severe intense headaches back of my head and in my head and tender scalp, did all required test for heart stress ech and blood, ct scan for head, ct angiography with dye for brain and neck and venogram and all came normal.

No one knows the real cause of CSR, i am really a very relaxed guy and not an A personality type nor i have high cortisol or angry or stressed or even working now.

They should find out the cause of this thing, i do feel some pressure in my left eye sometimes but vision still the same, i do remember taking baby aspirin some weeks ago and i think aspirin caused this to happen adding to it eating ginger and garlic , things that thin the blood. I do think aspirin can cause this leakage and bleeding.

I am wondering if a CSR is an indication if someone have or will have a brain bleeding like a stroke.







Thanks for your Question
A study was performed in National Yang-Ming University Hospital, Yilan, Taiwan on 2012 about Central serous chorioretinopathy and risk of ischemic stroke. It showed that CSR patients were found to have a 1.56 greater risk of a subsequent ischemic brain stroke than the matched controls.
Further studies are required to confirm this correlation


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