I have severe Blepharitis

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    UK (United Kingdom)

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    Blepharitis, dry eyes
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I have blepharitis and dry eyes. I have very bad vision, so about 5 years I was wearing contact lenses.

After recent diagnose I had more than one month break from contacts and eye make up like doctor recommended, but I have some issues wearing glasses and I cannot to wait going back to wear contacts.

The issue is I still constantly have eye pain even if I am using hot eye mask and eye lubrication drops helps just for very short time. The other issue is that I constantly have all this redness because my eye balls covered in blood vessels that not going away even if I am using eye drops.

I know it is a chronic disease and I just want to know if there is any other things that could help me going back as soon as possible to wearing contact lenses and make up again.

Thank you very much for your help






Thanks for your Question

In general Lid Hygiene is very important to treat blepharitis. There are many diseases, ocular and systemic that can cause blepharitis. Were you diagnosed with any of these ?

You can read this article about treatment of blepharitis, it can be helpful

Try to use non preservative lubricant eye drops. Try not to use contact lens until your blepharitis condition is controlled and there is no dryness.


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